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Wplol Staff

The History of Pokémon

The term Pokémon means different things to a lot of people today. To some, it’s just a game, to another- an anime series and to others, it is a movie. Nevertheless, they are all referring to the same thing.

Pokémon is the dream of a Japanese man named Satoshi Tajiri who collects insects and tadpoles as a hobby. His dream became a reality when he started development of the magazine – Game Freak with Ken Sugimori as an illustrator and him as the writer in the 1980s. Together they created the first concept of Pokémon which was initially known as “Capsule Monsters”. With the aid of Tajiri’s friend – Shigeru Miyamoto , an atmosphere was created for the development of “Capsule Monsters” with Nintendo. It went under development for 6 years and the name was changed from “Capsule Monsters” to “Pocket Monsters” which were gotten from the katakanized word -“poketto monsutā”. It was reduced to the three-letter syllable word we know today as “Pokémon”.

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